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The Japanese Society of Snow and Ice

Welcome to the center of research activities on glaciology (snow and ice) in Japan.

The society was established in 1939 as "Japanese Association of Snow and Ice" and reformed to "the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice" in 1955. It has obtained non-profit corporation status from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (now the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) in 1993.


Special Interest Groups:

  • Data Center for Glacier Research
  • Polar Glaciology
  • Ground Freezing
  • Avalanche
  • Snow and Ice Physics
  • Satellite Glaciology
  • Snow and Ice Engineering
  • Snow and Ice Chemistry
  • Glaciological Meteorology and Hydrology
  • Blowing Snow


What's new in the English section

File Vol67-4
File Vol67-5
File Vol67-6
File Vol68-1
January 2006 / Original Articles [Cardio-respiratory responses to snow shoveling and shovel performance in young males], [Significance of tourism in hilly-and-mountainous areas in Japan]
File Vol68-2
March 2006 / Original Articles [Validation of the predicted maximum snow depth under global warming by using Mesh Climate Data 2000], [Compression experiments of high-density snow Ⅰ -Plastic-type and destractive-type deformations-], [Compression experiments of high-density snow Ⅱ -load measurements and preliminary comparison to snow sounds-]
File Vol68-3
May 2006 / Original Articles [Upper limit of climatic monthly maximum snow depth in wet snow region], [Experimental studies on the compressive viscosity of new snow]
File Vol68-4
July 2006 / Original Articles [Evalution of snow entrainment coefficient based on the fluid dynamical analysis of snowdrift], [Characteristics of new snow density and compressive viscosity in the Arctic region], [Characteristics of air and ground temperatuers and the reconstruction of active layer thickness on the Rink Plateau, James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula]
File Vol68-5
September 2006 / Original Articles [Numerical simulation of ice accretion on a wind turbine blade],[Field studies and mesoscale analysis of the precipitation icing events in Hokkaido on February 22-23, 2004],[Climatological characteristics corresponding to the occurrence of precipitation resulting in snow accretion in Japan],[Chemical dynamics of snow and stream water in the Japanese Alps]
File Vol68-6
November 2006 / Original Articles [A Vertical multilayer energy exchange model for blowing snow]
File Vol69-1
January 2007 / Original Articles [Damages caused due to heavy snowfall in Hokuriku district in 2006], [Regional characteristics of snow cover by multipoint snowpit observations conducted during the heavy snowfall of 2005/2006 winter in Japan]
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