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The Japanese Society of Snow and Ice

Welcome to the center of research activities on glaciology (snow and ice) in Japan.

The society was established in 1939 as "Japanese Association of Snow and Ice" and reformed to "the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice" in 1955. It has obtained non-profit corporation status from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (now the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) in 1993.


Special Interest Groups:

  • Data Center for Glacier Research
  • Polar Glaciology
  • Ground Freezing
  • Avalanche
  • Snow and Ice Physics
  • Satellite Glaciology
  • Snow and Ice Engineering
  • Snow and Ice Chemistry
  • Glaciological Meteorology and Hydrology
  • Blowing Snow


What's new in the English section

File Vol69-2
March 2007 / Reviews [Remoto sensing:Short introduction and review of applications in glaciological studies], [Satellite remote sensing of snow cover] etc.
File Vol69-3
May 2007 / Original Articles[Degree of circularity as a structural factor of new snow], [Study on adfreeze shear strength of frozen sand along curved interface], [Study on fluid dynamics numerical simulation for stream avalanches], [Spatial variability of snow chemistry in Mt. Komagatake, Japanese Central Alps]
File Vol69-4
July 2007 / Original Articles [Slab avaranches occurred at Tsurunoyu in Nyuutou Onsen, Akita Prefecture, Japan], [The technology to induce an artificial avalanche], [Mechanical characteristics of high-density snow blocks during collision]
File Vol69-5
September 2007 / Original Article [Relations among maximum snow depth, mean air temperature and precipitation determined from their monthly values in snowy areas of Japan]
File Vol69-6
November 2007 / Original Article [Generalized Pitot tube for wind speed measurement in the field]
File Vol70-1
January 2008 / Original Articles [Reassessment of climatic conditions in "depth-hoar region" and new map for climatic division of snow-covered areas in Japan based on the new conditions], [Heat transfer process of a rice husk layer as an insulation material for long-term snow storage Part 1 : Open air experiment and property measurements]
File Vol70-2
March 2008 / Original Article[Heat transfer process on rice husk layer as an insulation material for long-term snow storage Part2 : heat balance on the surface and simulation of heat conduction inside the rice husk layer]
File Vol70-3
May 2008 / Original Article [Two-dimensional flud dynamics simulation model for stream avaranches]
File Vol70-4
July 2008 / Original Article [Effect of brine wicking and flooding on temperature of snow on sea ice]
File Vol70-5
September 2008 / Original Article [Study of ice growth under radiation cooling]
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