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Followings are the contents of the recent issues.  They are provided in PDF format.

File Vol. 77-3
May 2015 / Original Article [Development of snow water equivalent estimation model for mesh agricultural meteorological data]
File Vol. 77-2
March 2015 / Original Article [Development of an automatic image analysis method for recognizing sea ice conditions on the Arctic Ocean]
File Vol. 77-1
January 2015 / Original Articles [Validation of the SNOWPACK model using snow pit observation data[,[Formation and persistence of snow instability associated with precipitation-induced weak layer that causedMumeizawa avalanche accident]
File Vol. 76-6
November 2014 / Review [Success and challenges of avalanche prediction using numerical snowpack model]
File Vol. 76-5
September 2014 / Original Article [History of the change in size of snow control facilities in Japan]
File Vol. 76-4
July 2014 / Original Article [Snow density measurement method for thin weak layers using a rectangular snow sampler]
File Vol. 76-3
May 2014 / Original Article [Study of the extent of damage to a subalpine forest by large-scale snow avalanches and estimation of the avalanche velocity on Mt. Iwate, Japan during winter 2010-11]
File Vol. 76-2
March 2014 / Research Note [On the duplication of pictures in the book of “Snow crystals” by W. A. Bentley and W. J. Humphreys]
File Vol. 76-1
January 2014 / Original Articles [Chemical composition of surface s now and ice, and precipitation on Qiyi Glacier, Qilian Mountains, western China],[Development of a numerical model to determine glacial equilibrium line altitude in combination of geomorphological interpretation and glacier dynamics],[Application of an ELA determination model to reconstruct the late Pleistocene glaciersin the Hidaka Range]
File Vol. 75-6
November 2013 / Original Articles [Simulations of water flow through heterogeneous snowpack with dimple pattern],[3-D structure of snow constructed with successive section planes],[Relationship between snow hardness and microstructure of seasonal snow cover]
File Vol. 75-5
September 2013 / Original Articles [Solute effect on soil water flow and hydraulic properties of frozen unsaturated sand],[Effect evaluation of unfrozen water on heat transfer with the nonsteady heat conduction analysis],[Frost heaving observed in thawing soil]
File Vol. 75-4
July 2013 / Original Article [Physical approach to mechanism of ice segregation by Keisukea japonica Miq., Lamiaceae]
File Vol. 75-3
May 2013 / Original Articles [Snowmelt infiltration into frozen ground having different frost soil structure],[Groundwater level rise in the Ishikari Bay coastal area during the snowmelt period : Connections with snowwater equivalent, total amount of snowmelt water, and accumulated precipitation],[Experimental study of curling ─Measurements of curl ratio of a curling stone─]
File Vol. 75-2
March 2013
File Vol. 75-1
January 2013 / Original Article [Features of avalanches and the relationship between avalanche magnitude and frequency based on aerial photograph interpretation]
File Vol. 74-6
November 2012 / Research Note [Water flow control of ice regelation and estimation of thickness and viscosity of water film]
File Vol. 74-5
September 2012 / Report [On the verification of the so-called “Water Crystals”]
File Vol. 74-4
July 2012 / Discussion [Reply to "comments on curl" by R. Naruse]
File Vol. 74-3
May 2012 / Original Article [Identifying active glaciers in Mt. Tateyama and Mt. Tsurugi in the northern Japanese Alps, central Japan]
File Vol. 74-2
March 2012 / Original Article [Influence of different surface soils on snow-water content and snow type of the snow cover]
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