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Followings are the contents of the recent issues.  They are provided in PDF format.

File Vol. 74-1
January 2012 / Original Articles [Morphology of artificial snow crystals from -4℃ to -40℃ using a convection chamber with the "FINEDEW" chilled mirror hygrometer], [Dependence of tensile fracture strength of high-density wet snow on density and liquid-water content]
File Vol.73-6
November 2011 / Original Article [Flow field observations near the melting front of an ice plate that simulates shark-skin morphology ]
File Vol.73-5
September 2011 / Original Articles [Snow algae at the summit of Mt. Ibuki, Shiga-prefecture, Japan],[Estimation of winter precipitation at a mountainous site by snow chemical analysis],[Concentrations of ionic constituents, formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide in snow cover at Murododaira, Mt. Tateyama],[Sr and Nd stable isotopes of mineral dust and organic matter(cryoconite) on Asian glaciers],[Formulation on changes in chloride concentration of solid ice in snowpack during partial melting],[Evaluation of interactions of gaseous organic compounds with ice]
File Vol.73-4
July 2011 / [Wind tunnel experiment of an electrostatic charge of blowing-snow particles focusing on collision frequency to the snow surface],[Development of automatic detection system of road freezing conditions using microwave rediometer]
File Vol.73-3
May 2011 / Report [Explanation of the curving motion of curling stones]
File Vol.73-2
March 2011 / Prompt Report [Monitoring of 3 m- profiles of ground temperature on the summit area of Mt. Fuji (2008-2010) : Toward elucidation of permafrost occurrence and its long-term change]
File Vol.73-1
January 2011 / Original Article [Water vapor measurements during snow crystal formations by the "FINEDEW" chilled mirror hygrometer]
File Vol72-6
November 2010 / Original Article [Road surface temperature model accounting for the effects of surrounding environment]
File Vol72-5
September 2010 / Original Article [Relationship between intrinsic permeability and microstructure of seasonal snow cover]
File Vol72-4
July 2010 / Original Article [Abrupt decrease in the snow depth variability due to traveling extratropical cyclone observed in Sugadaira central Japan]
File Vol72-3
May 2010 / Original Articles [Simultaneous measurements of water content and thermal conductivity of frozen soils by using thermo-TDR method], [Analysis of regelation process by the method of equivalent water layer]
File Vol72-2
March 2010 / Original Article [Study of damage to cedar forest by large-scale slab avalanche, and estimation of the avaranche velocity at Makunosawa, Myoko, Japan]
File Vol72-1
January 2010 / Original Articles [Distribution of dead ice inside moraine dam body of Imja Glacier Lake, Khumbu region, Nepal - internal structure of moraine dam of Imja Glacier Lake - ], [Effects of atmospheric temperature rise on snowfall, snowmelt and snow water equivalent in a heavy snowfall area in Japan]
File Vol71-6
November 2009 / Original Article [Design heat road for snow-melting facilities Part2 : Effect of acceptable remaining snow on design heat road]
File vol71-5
September 2009 / Original Articles [Transmission electron microscopic observations of ice and clathrate hydrate cristals], [Relationship between cage occupations of guest molecules in gas hydrates encaging methane mixtures and gas compositions], [Dissociation heat of mixed-gas hydrate composed of methane and ethane], [Growth morphology and mechanism of Xe clathrate hydrate crystal on ice surface]
File Vol71-4
July 2009 / Original Articles [Characteristics of ground freezing and thawing under snow cover based on long-term observation], [Chemical characterization of snowfall in Sinjo, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan and long-term trend of snow acidification during 1991/92 to 2002/03 ]
File Vol71-3
May 2009 / Prompt Report [The large-scale dry slab avalanche of February 2008 at Makunosawa valley in Myoko, Japan]
File Vol71-2
March 2009 / Reviews [Recent studies on numerical simulation of snow redistribution caused by blowing snow], [A brief review of wind erosion study and its present stage of the science], [Recent progress of blowing snow research in Antarctica], [Recent studies on drifting snow in architectural field], [Countermeasures against blowing / drifting snow on road], [Drifting snow , snow drift, snow cornices in alpine], [Measurement of blowing snow]
File Vol71-1
January 2009 / Original Article [Relationship between specific surface area per unit volume and microstructure of seasonal snow cover]
File Vol70-6
November 2008 / Original Article [Total snow water distributions in Tohoku region, Japan, averaged for twenty-seven years : Their application to heavy and light snowfall winters]
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