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Followings are the contents of the recent issues.  They are provided in PDF format.

File Vol70-5
September 2008 / Original Article [Study of ice growth under radiation cooling]
File Vol70-4
July 2008 / Original Article [Effect of brine wicking and flooding on temperature of snow on sea ice]
File Vol70-3
May 2008 / Original Article [Two-dimensional flud dynamics simulation model for stream avaranches]
File Vol70-2
March 2008 / Original Article[Heat transfer process on rice husk layer as an insulation material for long-term snow storage Part2 : heat balance on the surface and simulation of heat conduction inside the rice husk layer]
File Vol70-1
January 2008 / Original Articles [Reassessment of climatic conditions in "depth-hoar region" and new map for climatic division of snow-covered areas in Japan based on the new conditions], [Heat transfer process of a rice husk layer as an insulation material for long-term snow storage Part 1 : Open air experiment and property measurements]
File Vol69-6
November 2007 / Original Article [Generalized Pitot tube for wind speed measurement in the field]
File Vol69-5
September 2007 / Original Article [Relations among maximum snow depth, mean air temperature and precipitation determined from their monthly values in snowy areas of Japan]
File Vol69-4
July 2007 / Original Articles [Slab avaranches occurred at Tsurunoyu in Nyuutou Onsen, Akita Prefecture, Japan], [The technology to induce an artificial avalanche], [Mechanical characteristics of high-density snow blocks during collision]
File Vol69-3
May 2007 / Original Articles[Degree of circularity as a structural factor of new snow], [Study on adfreeze shear strength of frozen sand along curved interface], [Study on fluid dynamics numerical simulation for stream avalanches], [Spatial variability of snow chemistry in Mt. Komagatake, Japanese Central Alps]
File Vol69-2
March 2007 / Reviews [Remoto sensing:Short introduction and review of applications in glaciological studies], [Satellite remote sensing of snow cover] etc.
File Vol69-1
January 2007 / Original Articles [Damages caused due to heavy snowfall in Hokuriku district in 2006], [Regional characteristics of snow cover by multipoint snowpit observations conducted during the heavy snowfall of 2005/2006 winter in Japan]
File Vol68-6
November 2006 / Original Articles [A Vertical multilayer energy exchange model for blowing snow]
File Vol68-5
September 2006 / Original Articles [Numerical simulation of ice accretion on a wind turbine blade],[Field studies and mesoscale analysis of the precipitation icing events in Hokkaido on February 22-23, 2004],[Climatological characteristics corresponding to the occurrence of precipitation resulting in snow accretion in Japan],[Chemical dynamics of snow and stream water in the Japanese Alps]
File Vol68-4
July 2006 / Original Articles [Evalution of snow entrainment coefficient based on the fluid dynamical analysis of snowdrift], [Characteristics of new snow density and compressive viscosity in the Arctic region], [Characteristics of air and ground temperatuers and the reconstruction of active layer thickness on the Rink Plateau, James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula]
File Vol68-3
May 2006 / Original Articles [Upper limit of climatic monthly maximum snow depth in wet snow region], [Experimental studies on the compressive viscosity of new snow]
File Vol68-2
March 2006 / Original Articles [Validation of the predicted maximum snow depth under global warming by using Mesh Climate Data 2000], [Compression experiments of high-density snow Ⅰ -Plastic-type and destractive-type deformations-], [Compression experiments of high-density snow Ⅱ -load measurements and preliminary comparison to snow sounds-]
File Vol68-1
January 2006 / Original Articles [Cardio-respiratory responses to snow shoveling and shovel performance in young males], [Significance of tourism in hilly-and-mountainous areas in Japan]
File Vol67-6
File Vol67-5
File Vol67-4
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