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SEPPYO is a scientific (print form) journal published by the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice. The articles and reports are mostly in Japanese with English abstracts for original articles.

Followings are the contents of the recent issues.  They are provided in PDF format.

File vol71-5
September 2009 / Original Articles [Transmission electron microscopic observations of ice and clathrate hydrate cristals], [Relationship between cage occupations of guest molecules in gas hydrates encaging methane mixtures and gas compositions], [Dissociation heat of mixed-gas hydrate composed of methane and ethane], [Growth morphology and mechanism of Xe clathrate hydrate crystal on ice surface]
File Vol71-4
July 2009 / Original Articles [Characteristics of ground freezing and thawing under snow cover based on long-term observation], [Chemical characterization of snowfall in Sinjo, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan and long-term trend of snow acidification during 1991/92 to 2002/03 ]
File Vol71-3
May 2009 / Prompt Report [The large-scale dry slab avalanche of February 2008 at Makunosawa valley in Myoko, Japan]
File Vol71-2
March 2009 / Reviews [Recent studies on numerical simulation of snow redistribution caused by blowing snow], [A brief review of wind erosion study and its present stage of the science], [Recent progress of blowing snow research in Antarctica], [Recent studies on drifting snow in architectural field], [Countermeasures against blowing / drifting snow on road], [Drifting snow , snow drift, snow cornices in alpine], [Measurement of blowing snow]
File Vol71-1
January 2009 / Original Article [Relationship between specific surface area per unit volume and microstructure of seasonal snow cover]
File Vol70-6
November 2008 / Original Article [Total snow water distributions in Tohoku region, Japan, averaged for twenty-seven years : Their application to heavy and light snowfall winters]
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