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Bulletin of Glaciological Research is an international, multi- and interdisciplinary, open access online journal dedicated to the publication of research articles and reports on all aspects of snow and ice.

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Articles in press

Special Issue on Research on advanced snow information and its application to disaster mitigation (NIED)

Study on Advanced Snow Information and its Application to Disaster Mitigation: An overview
Nakai, S., Kosugi, K., Yamaguchi, S., Yamashita, K., Sato, K., Adachi, S., Ito, Y., Nemoto, M., Nakamura, K., Motoyoshi, H., Hirashima, H., Kamiishi, I., Oda, K., Ishizaka, M., Abe, O. and Sato, T.
BGR 37 (2019) (in press)

An improved snowfall monitoring system developed in central Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Yamashita, K., Nakai., S., Motoyoshi, H. and Ishizaka, M.
BGR 37 (2019) (in press)

Numerical snowpack model simulation schemes for avalanche prediction in Japan
Hirashima, H.
BGR 37 (2019) (in press)

Development of a magnetic resonance imaging system for wet snow samples
Adachi, S., Yamaguchi, S., Ozeki, T. and Kose, K.
BGR 37 (2019) (in press)

Twenty-year operation of the Cryospheric Environment Simulator
Abe, O. and Kosugi, K.
BGR 37 (2019) (in press)

Latest articles

Energy Balance Variation on the Snow Surface during the Snow Covered Season in the Norikura Highland, Japanese Alpine Area
Nishimura, M., Sasaki, A. and Suzuki, K.
Pages 23-35, BGR 36 (2018)

Field activities at the SIGMA-A site, northwestern Greenland Ice Sheet, 2017
Matoba, S., Niwano, M., Tanikawa, T., Iizuka, Y., Yamasaki, T., Kurosaki, Y., Aoki, T., Hashimoto, A., Hosaka, M. and Sugiyama, S.
Pages 15-22, BGR 36 (2018)

A review of passive microwave observations of snow-covered areas over complex Arctic terrain
Alimasi, N.
Pages 1-13, BGR 36 (2018)

Scanning electron microscopic studies on the methane hydrate decomposition using the freeze-fracture replica method
Fujimoto, A. and Sugahara, T.
Pages 39-45, BGR 35 (2017)

Glacier variations of Hielo Patagónico Norte, Chile, over 70 years from 1945 to 2015
Aniya, M.
Pages 19-38, BGR 35 (2017)

Experimental Observations of Two Mountain Glaciers on the Eastern Slope of Mt. Tsurugi by Pi-SAR2 Airborne SAR
Furuya, M., Fukui, K., Iida, H., Kojima, S. and Matsuoka, T.
Pages 7-17, BGR 35 (2017)

Detection of avalanche locations using infrasound array data
Arai, N., Imai, T., Otsuki, M., Saito, Y., Murayama, T. and Iwakuni, M.
Pages 1-6, BGR 35 (2017)

Meteorological and glaciological observations at Suntar-Khayata Glacier No. 31, east Siberia, from 2012-2014
Shirakawa, T., Kadota, T., Fedorov, A., Konstantinov, P., Suzuki, T., Yabuki, H., Nakazawa, F., Tanaka, S., Miyairi, M., Fujisawa, Y., Takeuchi, N., Kusaka, R., Takahashi, S., Enomoto, H. and Ohata, T.
Pages 33-40, BGR 34 (2016)

Temporal changes in snow algal abundance on surface snow in Tohkamachi, Japan
Onuma, Y., Takeuchi, N. and Takeuchi, Y.
Pages 21-31, BGR 34 (2016)

A High-Resolution Continuous Flow Analysis System for Polar Ice Cores
Dallmayr, R., Goto-Azuma, K., Kjær, H.A., Azuma, N., Takata, M., Schüpbach, S. and Hirabayashi, M.
Pages 11-20, BGR 34 (2016)

Glaciological and meteorological observations at the SE-Dome site, southeastern Greenland Ice Sheet
Iizuka, Y., Matoba, S., Yamasaki, T., Oyabu, I., Kadota, M. and Aoki, T.
Pages 1-10, BGR 34 (2016)

Glaciological and meteorological observations at the SIGMA-D site, northwestern Greenland Ice Sheet
Matoba, T., Motoyama, H., Fujita, K., Yamasaki, T., Minowa, M., Onuma, Y., Komuro, Y., Aoki, T., Yamaguchi, S., Sugiyama, S. and Enomoto, H.
Pages 7-14, BGR 33 (2015)

Ratios of Mg2+/Na+ in the snow cover at Murododaira, Mt. Tateyama, Japan: On the possibility of an indicator of chemical leaching
Watanabe, K., Hirai, T. and Kawada, K.
Pages 1-5, BGR 33 (2015)

Special Issue on the “Snow Impurity and Glacial Microbe effects on abrupt warming in the Arctic” (SIGMA) Project

Aoki., T.
Pages 1-2, BGR 32 (2014)

Field activities of the "Snow Impurity and Glacial Microbe effects on abrupt warming in the Arctic" (SIGMA) Project in Greenland in 2011–2013
Aoki, T., Matoba, S., Uetake, J., Takeuchi N. and Motoyama H.
Pages 3-20, BGR 32 (2014)

Light-absorbing snow impurity concentrations measured on Northwest Greenland ice sheet in 2011 and 2012
Aoki, T., Matoba, S., Yamaguchi, S., Tanikawa, T., Niwano, M., Kuchiki, K., Adachi, K., Uetake, J., Motoyama, H. and Hori, M.
Pages 21-31, BGR 32 (2014)

Dependence of thermal infrared emissive behaviors of snow cover on the surface snow type
Hori, M., Aoki, T., Tanikawa, T., Kuchiki, K., Niwano, M., Yamaguchi, S. and Matoba, S.
Pages 33-45, BGR 32 (2014)

Effects of temperature and grain type on time variation of snow specific surface area
Hachikubo, A., Yamaguchi, S., Arakawa, H., Tanikawa, T., Hori, M., Sugiura, K., Matoba, S., Niwano, M., Kuchiki, K. and Aoki, T.
Pages 47-53, BGR 32 (2014)

Application of snow specific surface area measurement using an optical method based on near-infrared reflectance around 900-nm wavelength to wet snow zones in Japan
Yamaguchi, S., Motoyoshi, H., Tanikawa, T., Aoki, T., Niwano, M., Takeuchi, Y. and Endo, Y.
Pages 55-64, BGR 32 (2014)

Evaluation of updated physical snowpack model SMAP
Niwano, M., Aoki, T., Kuchiki, K., Hosaka, M., Kodama, Y., Yamaguchi, S., Motoyoshi, H. and Iwata, Y.
Pages 65-78, BGR 32 (2014)

Spatial variations of δ18O and ion species in the snowpack of the northwestern Greenland ice sheet
Matoba, S., Yamasaki, T., Miyahara, M. and Motoyama, H.
Pages 79-84, BGR 32 (2014)

Spatial variations in impurities (cryoconite) on glaciers in northwest Greenland
Takeuchi, N., Nagatsuka, N., Uetake, J. and Shimada, R.
Pages 85-94, BGR 32 (2014)

Glaciological observations in 2012 and 2013 at SIGMA-A site, Northwest Greenland
Yamaguchi, S., Matoba, S., Yamazaki, T., Tsushima, A., Niwano, M., Tanikawa T. and Aoki, T.
Pages 95-105, BGR 32 (2014)

Mineralogical composition of cryoconite on glaciers in northwest Greenland
Nagatsuka, N., Takeuchi, N., Uetake, J. and Shimada, R.
Pages 107-114, BGR 32 (2014)

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