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The Japanese Society of Snow and Ice

Welcome to the center of research activities on glaciology (snow and ice) in Japan.

The society was established in 1939 as "Japanese Association of Snow and Ice" and reformed to "the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice" in 1955. It has obtained non-profit corporation status from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (now the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) in 1993.


Special Interest Groups:

  • Data Center for Glacier Research
  • Polar Glaciology
  • Ground Freezing
  • Avalanche
  • Snow and Ice Physics
  • Satellite Glaciology
  • Snow and Ice Engineering
  • Snow and Ice Chemistry
  • Glaciological Meteorology and Hydrology
  • Blowing Snow


What's new in the English section

File Vol. 80-5
September 2018 / Collected Papers on Snow Engineering; Original Article [Simple prediction method of frost on contact wire]
File Vol. 80-4
July 2018 / Original Article [Snow avalanche simulation with TITAN2D. Part 1]
File Vol. 80-3
May 2018 / Original Article [Research for occurrence conditions of the superior mirage in Shari, Eastern Hokkaido in winter]
File Vol. 80-2
March 2018 / Collected Papers on Hydrometeorology; Original Article [Variations in climatic and hydrologic trends in the Kamikochi region of the Japanese Alps]
File Vol. 80-1
January 2018 / Report [Snow avalanche disturbances and vegetation dynamics on the northern slope of Mt. Fuji: Estimation based on ecological indicators and tree-ring analysis]
File Vol. 79-6
December 2017 / Collected Papers on Wet Snow Science; Reviews [Review of Modeling for Liquid Water Movement in the Snowpack]
File Vol. 79-5
September 2017 / Collected Papers on Snow and Ice Properties; Research Note [Drag on a body moving through snow]
File Vol. 79-4
July 2017 / Collected Papers on Snow and Ice Properties; Reviews [Nuclear magnetic resonance studies on gas hydrates]
File Vol. 79-3
May 2017
File Vol. 79-2
March 2017 / Research Note [Density of snow drifts forming on the windward side of an obstruction]
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Secretary Office

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